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Garden Beach Resort

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A one of a kind “outta there” trip leads to .. Bicol
 Good for a weekend, a week or …. As long as you enjoy it!

Ideal for those with (good) company and/or just adventurers alone or together with some friends.

Go down for a brake to Bicol and more specific Naga City and surroundings. There are just too many ways to have a good time, just there in and around Naga City. This time I’ll focus on nearby Pasacao (Balogo Beach) and my recommendation is to stay at Dieter Schunemann’s “Garden Beach Resort”, direct at the beautiful beach of Balogo (See pictures!).

Balogo is a typical fishermen’s village, the surroundings are serene and fresh, the sea and beach is just beautiful for a swim while cottages are everywhere to be found for some shadow. Even floating cottages are available. This place offers serenity, rest, privacy and natural beauty and … fair prices as well!

You’re only less then half an hour from Naga City center and 45 minutes from the airport. The airfare from (and back to) Manila takes just one hour. Naga City Central Bus Terminal supplies plenty of buses back to Manila if that would be your means of transportation. Easiest from Manila by bus is from Araneta Center (Cubao), Ermita or Pasay.

From Pasacao can be taken of for treks (to even hot water springs!), boat rides to nearby islands (like Daroanak, Tres Martirez and Animazola) or even further away islands like Burias Island.  Also an interesting early morning river trip is a refreshing option.

A visit to the local sports arena (cockfighting) might appeal to some of you or maybe …just shopping in Naga, swimming, fishing,   Diving? The last has to be arranged in advance for this is not a daily activity.

Guided car tours are of course also a possibility and I would recommend “Partido area” to do so. Mt. Iriga, Lake Buhi, Mt. Isarog, Consocept falls, Nato Beach and more, much more like wonderful towns like Goa.   Ask more details if interested.

Mt. Mayon is also within reach, a long day trip can be done here following famous “hanging road” with a fantastic view on (and from) Mt. Mayon as highlight. (There’s also a faster way to go and see Mt. Mayon and more).

But then again: There’s the beach, a cool beer at hand all the time, good foods and in case your sweet companion, the luring sea inviting you for a nice tropical swim by day and/or night. You could take it easy as well! All up to you.

A night out in Naga can however be a must for many. Naga has many fine places to go out with good restaurants and entertainment such as live music and so on.

Balogo Beach Resort offers budget package deals for a long weekend (4 nights) or a week+ (7 nights), while “tailor-made stays” can be discussed at any time. Special offers for those who like to stay for a longer period.

Talking about budget: Balogo has still one more foreign managed budget “mini hotel” named “Pongol Village Inn”. Owned and managed by a nice British fellow named Mike Smith and his Filipino wife Fe. Nice couple, nice new and very clean rooms. A kind of “Hong Kong style” rooms for they are rather small (good for two however, don’t worry!) but so is the price: 400 Peso/day !   This location is nearby Garden beach Resort and Balogo beach as well with Pongol Beach in front of it. Those on a some tighter budget might decide to stay there without regret.

Bookings for Pasacao, Balogo Beach, any place in Naga City?   Just contact BW at for any information required.

Remember: Bicol is not just a destination, Bicol is a way of life!


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Garden Beach Resort

Balogo, Pasacao
4417 Camarines Sur - Philippines