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How do you get there?

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Pasacao is located near Naga City, on the West Coast of Camarines Sur in Bicol on the Luzon island, about 400 km (by road) south-east of Manila.


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It is easy to go by plane from Manila to Naga City, which takes about 1 hour and the prices are very reasonable. At the moment there are two airlines which have daily flights between Manila and Naga. (Philippine Airlines and Asian Spirit.)
As an alternative, you can travel by bus from Manila to Naga City.

To go from Naga City to Pasacao/Balogo, is done by taxi or by Jeepney (local bus) and it takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour Map 2


Some facts:
Naga City is the closest bigger city (pop. >160 000) which has all the necessary facilities you need. Pasacao is a smaller village by the sea. The Balogo village is close to Pasacao (< 3 km) and is a small fishing village located at the beach.


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Garden Beach Resort

Balogo, Pasacao
4417 Camarines Sur - Philippines