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The Resort

The Resort



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With us you will experience nature in it’s purity, close to the simple life of the people here in Balogo fishing village, without having to sacrifice comfort.

Our goal is to specialize the stay of every guest and to customize the activities for each and everyone, for reasonable prices!



The resort opened in 1995 and it covers 1000 square meters, with the 40 meter front directly facing the sea and the island Doaranak.

Palm beach

Languages spoken are English, German, Dutch, Spanish, as well as the local language.


The garden is a nice and family friendly natural spot, with lots of beautiful flowers and many animals, it’s like a mini-zoo.
The premises, such as rooms, restaurant, bar, terrace and the diving school, are surrounded by a well tended garden.


Rooms and cottages are available, with different furnishing.

Room view 1

Room view 2

The room rate is between 5 US$ to 25 US$, depending on furnishing.


There are also a roof terrace with table sets,
recreation chairs, hang mats and a flower garden.
The terrace offers a nice view of the beach and the ocean.


The bar offers, aside from two billiard tables, dart board and video, other entertainment possibilities. Bar


Our kitchen offers German and Philippine cuisine, as well as Chinese and Japanese dishes.

The kitchen is always open for you and your whishes.


For diving and boat trips, we have our own motorboat which is a traditional Philippine Banka.

A small motor boat, paddle boat and a small sail boat are also available.

Our immediate surroundings offers a variety of activities.


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Garden Beach Resort

Balogo, Pasacao
4417 Camarines Sur - Philippines